miercuri, 5 august 2009

Pretul gazului pentru Moldova

Stire de pe portalul Reuters, de astazi. N-o mai traduc, știți engleza:

15:37 05Aug09 -Russia cuts gas price for Moldova by 27 pct in Q3
CHISINAU, Aug 5 (Reuters) - Russia has cut the price of gas for Moldova to $186.8 per 1,000 cubic metres in the third quarter from $255.7 in the second quarter, Moldova's main energy company said on Wednesday.
Moldova Gas, a joint venture between Moldova and Russia's Gazprom, does not see any significant change to the fourth-quarter price.
Ex-Soviet states like Moldova have had to deal with increasingly expensive gas prices from Russia, which used to sell energy at far below market levels.
In Ukraine and Belarus this process has led to gas rows that have on occasion affected supply westward to Europe and also dented the finances of their state budgets and energy companies. Moldova Gas sees the average price for gas this year at $257 per 1,000 cubic metres, while as of July 1, it has sold the gas on to consumers at the equivalent of $332 per 1,000 cubic metres. It imported 1.2 billion cubic metres of gas last year.

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  1. Huh, și ce oare ar însemna pasul ăsta..

  2. Hai sa fiu oleaca naiv, copchil si sa ma prefac ca nu inteleg: Da in buzunarul cui se duce tot supraprofitul inregistrat din diferenta pretului achitat de consumator si cel de import?